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Policies & FAQ’s

Complete the “Pet Application Form”

This form should be completed and forwarded to Bouse Fur House before boarding your pet or bringing your pet in for daycare.

Boarding & Daycare FAQ’s & Policies – Download

Pet Application Form – Reminders – Bordetella & My Dog – Download

Pet Application Form – 2 or More pets – Reminders – Bordetella & My Dog – Download

At Bouse Fur House, we take pride in having a facility that is not only safe, but disease free. This is a direct result of having Bordetella vaccination requirements more often than you may be used to. By requiring the Bordetella vaccine every 6 months, we greatly reduce the chance of Kennel Cough coming into our facility, which is a highly contagious disease.

All dogs must have current vaccinations (Rabies, Distemper/Parvovirus, and Bordetella) on record with us prior to entering. You can email records, have your vet fax them over, or simply bring them with you. You may have to ask your vet specifically for Bordetella as it is not a standard shot. We suggest asking your vet to fax or email us records whenever updated so they remain current in our system. (918) 893-5697 fax # or bousefurhouse@gmail.com

DHP (Also known as Distemper/DAP/DHPP/DA2PP) – Current
Parvo (Parvovirus) Vaccine – Current
Bordetella Vaccine – Yearly
Rabies Vaccine** – 1st vaccine good for 1 year, required every 3 years after
**requires a doctor’s exam if administering vaccines

FvRCP (Distemper) – Current
FeLV – For cats exposed to outdoor environments – Current
Rabies Vaccine** – Current
**requires a doctor’s exam if administering vaccines